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"This wolf is a beauty.  Very clear.   Also the face with the pointy nose and lips. Rather than a headress, I see a possible bovid, a deer or antelope, with a long muzzle, possibly eye chip removal and then up in that red(red ochred?). section, its like a horn or antler pointing upward or maybe curving in the U shape ofthe reddish coloring.   The nose though if the shape is intentional (not accidental damage) is more like a moose?  If it is intenderd as such an animal that would be wolf prey, so the piece might carry a predator prey theme and with the face as representing some sort of spiritual relation to wolf and its prey.  Just thoughts, but its such a great wolf I wanted to confirm that interpretation."   James Harrod , PHD. Director for The Center on the Origins of Art and Religion.    
"This tool is a classical example of stone triangular tools  with usual back and stomach. The only difference is the size.  It is 9cm tall, 10cm wide and 3.5 cm thin."   Arsen Faradzhev , PHD.   Founder of the Moscow Center for Rock Art and Bioindiction Research.
A collage of stone artifacts from 36cu0190.   A
spectrum of lithic materials and an array of
unknown meanings.  More can be seen at
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The hypothesis about the site.  With 237 pages of tex tand photos.  An unique and extensive North AmericanPrehistoryGlossary
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The incredible story of the discovery.  Over 300 pages of trials and tribulations.  Photographs of artifacts and people.  A black and white
edition available.
 A Contextual Approach to
the State  of Nature.  A
short and refreshing look at
the Political Science
concept of Life, Liberty,  and
the Pursuit of Happiness.
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